Wednesday, July 15, 2009

That's A Head Scratcher

Last night I stopped after work to pick up a few balloons to take to my sister-in-law's hospital room to show my excitement for the baby. When we got to the hospital, I stopped at the information desk to find out how to get to the patient rooms. She gave me the information and politely told me that balloons weren't allowed in the hospital due to latex allergies, but that she'd hold them for me until we left. OK, fair enough.

The Husband and I proceeded through the hallways, making our way to our final destination. It was then that I noticed patients getting wheeled out with their floral arrangements in tow. Hmph. Well that's interesting. Flowers, which spread their stank all over the place are OK. What about all the patients with floral allergies? Does latex have a scent that goes airborne? I was under the impression that someone allergic to latex had to come in contact with the substance to have a reaction. Because I had every intention of walking into all the patient rooms on my way to my sister-in-law's and rubbing balloons all over them.

I sometimes just laugh at the great lengths our society has gone to in order to cover their asses. I'd love to see some numbers on how many patients in a given year have an allergy outbreak because of someone else's balloons, which never enter their room and stay behind closed doors in the room they were intended for, or hear a story from someone that knows of this actually being a real issue.

I thought I was doing the right thing by purchasing balloons over flowers. Who knew? Rules are rules though. Even if they are stupid.

Newest Addition To The Family

Welcome to the world!

Henrik Anthony
July 14, 2009
3:20 a.m.
8-lbs and 1-oz
21-inches long