Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boogers and Bags

My mom told me this story last Friday after she babysat my nephew, Anders.

He was down for his nap. I guess he only slept for about an hour, and my mom wanted to drag it out longer. When he woke up he started calling for her. He was yelling "Grandma" a couple of times, so my mom went and peeked inside the cracked door to see what he was doing, hoping maybe he'd go back to sleep. She said he was standing up, stacking all the toys in a corner of the crib (clearly awake). She walked away, and tried to see if in a few more minutes he'd lay back down. Nope. He kept calling for her. So she felt guilty and went to get him. She went in and said, "Who is it? Whose calling for me?". Then she says, "What have you been doing?".

He replies, "Tasting boogers." Totally like it was a normal thing for someone to do when killing time.

This is what your kids learn at day care. LOL.


Last night I got another Victoria's Secret catalog to browse through. I get these things several times a week, I swear. No wonder the prices are so high, they have to make up for all those printing and mailing costs.

As I thumb through, I'm convinced that I've become, or am becoming an "old married woman". No longer will I spend a great deal of time looking at the lingerie, picking out cutesy, little matching sets of bras and panties. If they fit, and they're clean seems to be only criteria I adhere to these days. I've moved onto the $2.99 clearance, lace undies from Old Navy, and I've gotta be honest, I love them.

But anyway, I love the clothes from Victoria's Secret. They have some really chic stuff. I've noticed that they have started pairing handbags with the outfits recently. And that got my mind to wander. I need a new purse. Last March I remember seeing a Jessica Simpson handbag in the catalog that I fell in love with. When I hopped online to order it from VS, it was, unfortunately for me, sold out. So I scoured the Internet in hopes of finding it elsewhere, and had a really hard time. I pretty much gave up. My mind kept telling me there was no reason to spend $100 on a purse anyway.

This morning I was thinking about the catalog again, and with handbags on my mind when I arrived at work, I jumped online to a new favorite shopping stop of mine, (thank you, Keri). I started with the Clearance/Sale section, because hey, who doesn't love saving a few bucks? With intentions of finding the Guess tote I saw the night before, I stumbled across the Jessica Simpson bag I had wanted for 45% off. I ordered it right away.

Then I logged back on after lunch, and it's gone already. Very popular item. Good thing I moved fast. I can't wait to check this thing out. They can hardly keep them in stock anywhere! And at almost half price, I was patting myself on the back. The Husband thinks I'm total geek for buying a Jessica Simpson bag. He was happy about me being a smart shopper, but laughing at the product. Hmph, what's he know anyway?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Your Daily Dose

It's time for me to push my style and taste on you again. I woke up with this song in my head this morning. Not a bad one to getcha moving.

You know the drill, give it a clicky-poo, and then switch windows and do something else while giving it a listen...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Went To a Reception

The Husband's old band mate got married in May and had a reception at a park in Lansing this last weekend. I was a little bummed I couldn't wear my fancy dress, but the one that I bought this summer was perfect for the occasion. Someone needs to tell me that I really shouldn't wear baby dolls, even though they are inceeedibly comfortable, however, not always the most flattering. Oh well, I thought it was cute.

The reception was fine. We knew a handful of people, got to socialize, and got to play disc golf since we were at a park. I've got more I could say, but I'll leave it at that for now. :-)

Who says girls can't disc golf? Check out that form!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Home Grown

Here are some photos of the flowers that I grew from seed this year. . .the ones that actually survived anyway. . .

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Anders 2.1

A close-up of the birthday cake after Anders drove the fondant tractor around on it. Ahh, to be two years old again. . .

Anders's cousin, baby Josephine (Joey). Check out that smile!

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Anders 2.0

The family celebrated Anders's second birthday on Sunday. It turned out to be a beautiful day.

The yummy John Deere cake made by Barb Hoek of Sweet Cake Designs. It was delish!

Grandma and Grandpa checking out the new bubble machine. The bubbles were a big hit. That hot, little item cost less than $3, and included a battery! Five hundred bubbles in up to sixty seconds...holy moly!

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Can't Stop Listening

My newest song obsession...Nil Lara's Fighting for my Love.  I love it.  Give it a listen.  Sorry about the geeky video, but the artist doesn't have his own video out there for it.  So just click play, and switch windows so you don't have to watch the video but can listen.  It'll make you want to get out of your seat, and dance circles with your arms in the air (yeah, I've got a little bit of hippie in me, blame the Husband).

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Word of the Day

I decided to google (yes, it's a verb) "Word of the day" today, just to add a little spice to my blog. It is:

mephitic (muh-FIT-ik); adjective
1. Offensive to the smell; as in, mephitic odors
2. Poisonous; noxious

I wish I could say I was making that up, but that's what came up. No lie. I'm instantly reminded of last weekend. I will leave it at that.
I can't seem to get rid of the stomach ache I've had since going up north either. Every time I eat, this awful pain comes out of nowhere, and I feel like garbage. I hope one of you girls didn't impregnate me after I went to bed. . .that might put a damper on that daily meth habit I seem to have going for me.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Playing With Photo Effects

I took some pretty casual photos from last weekend and decided to play around with some of the effects in Picasa.

This is Annukka. She's the super mom. Working full time, getting her masters degree, mom of an almost two-year old. Much needed R&R on our little trip. I took the photo, lightened it up and changed it to sephia.

Here's Jackie. The little entrepreneur, go-getter of the group. I used the soften feature to blur a border around the photo. Kinda neat.

Here's me. Chillin' like a villain. I sharpened the photo, going for that over-saturated, over exposed look. My role in the group? Ornament.

And last but not least, Laura. She works her tail off, and is the party girl. Wow, it's starting to sound like I'm working one of those charity events where they auction off singles. Laura enjoys nightlife, movies, and being in the outdoors up north. Men living at home with their parents doing paper routes need not apply. I tried a focal black and white effect here, but that may need some work.

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No More Convincing Me

Yes, it's confirmed. People, more than likely, MEN are all total creeps.

How do I know this? Aside from my own interactions with them on a daily basis (Hi, my eyes are up here, or catch a glimpse not stare), I just logged onto my stat counter for the first time in months and months. Check this out: I've had almost 5,000 hits on my page in 4-5 months, but I'm finding out not because people are interested in my writing. It's all because back in February I posted a photo of Jenna Jameson's hairstyle that I liked. I kid you not, that's what's bringing all the hits to my page. I can tell what people are searching for in order to link to my page. Pictures of Jenna!

It's time for mama to get herself some ads and start benefiting from the perverted freaks of the world.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Girls Weekend

Last weekend was our annual trip to Cadillac. Much fun indeed. Although golf was rained out, we did find other activities to keep us busy. As always, it was a great trip! Bonfire, fireworks, music, cards, wine, and lots of laughs.

I played around with some photo effects. The first one I tried to add warmth and soften. The second one I tried to brighten and sharpen. Which one is better?

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jackie!

Happy Birthday, Friend! I hope you have a wonderful day. . . pamper yourself!

There is an upside to getting older. We're one year closer to retirement. Just think, in 34-years, this will be the Founding Forefathers.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Coworker

Some of you may or may not recall that recently I was ranting about work and promotions. Well, someone in my office retired at the end of June. The office here was so gracious as to never internally post the position (which would've been a promotion for me), so I missed the opportunity to apply. I was definitely bent out of shape about that one. I'll leave it at that.

The new person started this week. As her boss was taking her around and introducing her, I was friendly and said "Welcome aboard!" and all the other cliche crap people say when you start a new job. What I really meant to say was: