Wednesday, July 28, 2010

39 Weeks, 5 Days, 13 Hours....

I really don't know if it's 13-hours, but it's definitely 39 weeks and five days of pregnancy for me. I had a doctor's appointment this morning. I am now at zero station. This baby's head is low. The drop must have just happened too, because I was feeling OK yesterday, but today, not so much. I feel like an 80-year old woman with arthritis. I'm waddling around, moving in complete slow motion. There is so much pressure. Wowie.

The doctor was unable to tell me how dilated or effaced I am, because the baby's head is in the way! She can't even get in there and get around the little bugger! The upside: She thinks my labor will be much shorter. Heck, this baby is practically out! I'm hoping I make it to the hospital in time!

The bad news for today. I found out my doctor is going to be out of town from Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon. That's not all that good for a lady who is about to deliver. Luckily, her back-up is someone I've met with a couple of times, and both the Husband and I liked him. I guess at the point of delivery, does it really matter who catches the baby? It would be nice to have someone there who knows all my history and knows me though. Oh well. I can't dwell on things I cannot control.

More bad news for today. Last night the Husband found a leak in our basement. Our sewage pipe is evidently all backed up, and it cracked. Whenever someone would use our half bath, it would leak liquid sewage into our closet where all of my Christmas stuff is stored. I lost a couple of Christmas trees, and some decor, but all in all, at least we found the leak early. It had only been going on for a couple of a days. Really, with how often we use this closet, I'm thankful we didn't find a month's worth of leaking or have the pipe burst on us. How awful would that be? But still, not the stress I needed day(s) before delivery. Someone is looking at it today, and hopefully the problem will be solved very soon!

The baby watch continues.


Monica said...

Awesome deal on the car seat and that's great news that they're predicting a short labor! :) Hang in there, it sounds like baby is coming soon.

Keri said...

Wow, it sounds like you're so close. I'm excited for you!