Friday, July 30, 2010

Due Date!

Today is my due date! I made it! Back around 36-37 weeks I was having so much cramping that I never thought I'd make it to my due date. I thought I'd deliver sometime in the 39th week easily. But here I am!

Today I woke up the most uncomfortable I've been yet. My joints hurt, and all of them! Even my fingers hurt to bend them! I feel like I have a pinched nerve in my right leg, in the upper thigh where the inside would meet the pelvic area. I'm wondering if the baby moved again. Quite possibly.

Other than the physical pains that are setting in, I'm doing just fine. Hanging in there. I'm waiting and anxiously wondering when this baby is going to make an arrival.

We got our emergency plumbing issues taken care of yesterday, the house is clean, so we just have to be patient. I'm doing just fine waiting. I've actually been enjoying my time off work and being around home. I've been cleaning periodically, getting a lot of reading done, making sure to rest my body since sleep at night is not happening these days. I'm guessing my hormones are keeping me up, along with my hourly trips to the loo, because I'm certainly not sleeping from lack of tiredness. My body is ready to rid itself of this extra person! I'm so fortunate that I didn't start having problems getting up and moving around or have pain until the last week or two. Up until then, it was all smooth sailing. Lucky me.

The Husband and I went out to a nice dinner tonight at the Thornapple Grill. We thought this could very well be our last dinner out before the baby. I also keep trying to tell the cats that pretty soon a baby is going to be joining them here. I'm not sure they get it. They still seem confused when they jump up in my lap when they can't curl up on my stomach like they used to. Soon enough, my fury friends. Soon enough. Although they may be competing for space with the baby, who is going to be getting tons of snuggle time with mama.

So here I sit. Baby Watch continues. It looks like I just may be getting an August baby after all!


Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I never made it anywhere close to my due dates. With my son he was exactly four weeks early and my girls were 11 weeks early. But my girls are one as of today, the maybe yours will share their birthday! What made me laugh was you saying maybe you'll have an August baby after all...because with my girls my doctor told us to pray to get out of July & sure enough they came on the last day of July to prove us all they could do what they wanted!

Although I know you are uncomfortable & just want to meet your little one, hang in there...Soon enough for sure! Soon enough you will be celebrating the first birthday, as are we today!

Christina said...

Simba and Mufasa used to sit on each of my shoulders while I had Maria (they were still puppies).